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360° PSI

This is a shorter program that is perfect for all people who are interested in discovering the mutiple levels of their personality and seek some input on how they can personally grow. We give individualized input for instance about self-management skills that benefit you the most. Additionally, we look at your personality styles and stress response patterns and create helpful coping strategies.

"Because knowing yourself is key for personal development"

Mindshift Alignment

This is at the heart of our work at Mindshift Coaching. Change takes time and so does learning. Over a longer period of time we work and in hand together to align your heart and mind. We indentify your values, potentials and personal sense of purpose in relationship to your new or usual environment. The aim of this journey is to reach a  state of authentic expression and inner balance.

"Because alignment is created if heart and mind work together"

Mindshift Transendence

For our advanced clients who really want to know it. We go beyond our normal perception of reality and dive into your subconcious. On this road you will not only face your greatest shadows but also gain a profound trust and love towards your self and ulitmately connect with your heart in way you never have before.

"Because alignment emanates from
profound coherence"




Personality System Interaction Theory (PSI, Kuhl)

PSI Theory is an overarching framework for analyzing the functional architecture of human motivation and personality functioning. PSI theory integrates various traditional motivation theories into seven distinct levels of human motivation and individual differences. Sustainable learning, action on the basis of our intentions and self-congruent goals are only possible if both hemispheres of your brain communicate effortlessley and thus also the four major areas of intuitive behaviour control, object recognition, holistic processing and strategic networking (Kuhl et al., 2021).

360° Personality Assessment (EOS)

EOS is a tool developed from a highly renown personality researcher Prof.Dr. Kuhl. in over 25 years of fundamental and application research at the Max Planck Institute of Psychological Research in Munich. Within the framework of the EOS Potential Diagnostics, individual behaviour is considered on the basis of physiological processes in the brain. This helps to explain for the first time the causes of behaviour, so as to be able to change them subsequently by targeted potential development.

PSI theory explained on english

PSI Theorie auf deutsch erklärt

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How you can work with us



1. You book a free

strategy session

Therefore, you need to fill out a short formula so that we know who you are and how we can help you. Jonas & Hamzah will take a personal look at your info


2. Coaching Session with your expert

 In this session, we will take a look at your situation and the goals that are important to you. We will look at the possibilities for you to achieve a successful student life with ease and enjoyment


3. Outlook

After we got an impression of you, we will figure out if working together makes sense.  We will develop an individualized step-by-step plan to solve your problems and realize your goals

Key focus


Learning Psychology

Learning Psychology

Mental health

Mental Health

Goal setting


Personality & purpose

Personality & Purpose

✓ Excellent Grades: Use effective science-based study strategies and have an unique advantage at university. A good degree is crucial for your future career.

✓ Deal with failures: Uni life can be challenging with achievement pressures & disappointments. We support you to get difficult tasks done.

✓ Clarity: Figure out what you really want deep down from you heart. Realize what is truly valauble to pursue and fulfilling to attain.

✓ Understand your personality: We make a validated 360° personality & motivation assesment with you to detect points for personal change.

✓ Save time: Study more in less time, so you can enjoy your student life to the fullest.

✓ Self-Growth: Overcome emotions like stress, worries, insecurties and build self-confidence.

✓ Goal-Pursuit: Use evidence-based techniques from psychology to attain goals and achieve desired changes.

✓ Focus: Eliminate procrastination & deal with uni pressures. Follow through and live up to acadamic demands with ease.

✓ Belonging: We support you to feel home in your new city. Building a private and professional network is essential for mental health

✓ Energy& Flow: Follow your interests with energy, curiosity and consistent enduring motivation that keeps you going even in hard times.

✓ Potentials & Strengths: We analyze your unconcious signature strengths. Those will be fin-tuned and  further developed.

✓ Purpose & Career: Discover fitting occupations and the direction of your future professional development

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